"I travel frequently from Boston to Naples and the first item on my to-do list is Missy Balsam’s yoga classes. Few people can make you smile, give you a perspective on life, and a vigorous workout at the same time. Missy does that with a natural ease that has you refreshed, renewed and looking forward to the next class! Her music and singing are an added treat."
- Bill R.

"Missy's style and energy are incomparable! I've been doing yoga for years and her class is always different so it gives me a challenge on many levels."
- Karin W.

"Missy is my favourite yoga teacher in the world! My first impression of Missy, before my first class with her began, was how she radiates positivity and love with her dazzling smile and unique gracefulness. I live in London and have tried numerous other yoga classes, but nothing compares to taking a class with Missy. The minutes pass like seconds - each a treasured instant of peace and love. Missy's patience, warmth and good humour infiltrate the group. Her positive teaching manner and gentle reminders to "ease into it" coax flexibility and balance out of every student. The music is intoxicating and when Missy sings Kirtan it is simply magical. After Missy's yoga classes and Kirtan performances, every participant takes away their own special gift - a beaming smile and an open heart."
- Juliet W.

"Missy has been the best yoga teacher I've had in Naples...by far! Her class is great for all levels in yoga, from first-timers to more advanced. Missy helps guide you into poses and teaches you ways to help improve your yoga practice. I really look forward to her classes each week...it gives me such a balance of mind and body. You not only get a great full-body workout in each class, but Missy also gives inspirational messages to help you in yoga (and in life). Since I started Missy's class I've noticed my arms and shoulders have become much more defined, and the rest of my body has toned up. I have also become so much more flexible and I don't have lower back pain as much. I love the results yoga has done for my body and my life. I feel much stronger and more balanced mentally and physically, THANKS TO MISSY'S YOGA CLASS!"
- Susan F.

"In my mid-fifties I began yoga with Missy. My blood is circulating again. My lower back pain is gone. My mind is calmer. I am actually making muscle. I can tell the way my clothes fit that my body is changing - I also dropped a clothing size! I will now forever be a student in yoga. Missy really loves her chosen profession of teaching yoga and continues her education to teach her students the newest techniques. Her love of yoga inspires her students to work hard and benefit from the results."
- Zoe G.

"I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I look forward to and love Missy's yoga classes. I believe when some people think of yoga, they think of sitting on the floor humming. Her yoga classes are nothing like that. I feel I get an excellent workout from Missy's yoga classes and my body feels like it is humming when I leave. She takes the time to instruct and watch each person's poses to maximize their benefit from yoga. Thank you to a great instructor!"
- Norma K.

"With deep gratitude to my teacher...They say that when the student is ready the teacher will come, and you did indeed. I am so grateful for you and your classes. I have found out things about myself that I thought were lost, let alone regaining flexibility and feeling better every day. I recommend your classes to everyone I know. Thank you, Missy, very much."
- Laura S.