Spiritual Coaching

My spiritual coaching practice evolved out of the yearning I sense from many of my students to go deeper on their path. In my classes I often incorporate a variety of spiritual teachings I have learned throughout my own journey, teachings that I love to share with my students. Often after class, people will ask me about certain concepts, wanting to learn more about them. Curiosity is sparked when you are ready to learn more, and this is where spiritual coaching comes in.

In our sessions, you can ask me any questions about what you are experiencing on your own spiritual path. Perhaps you are stuck on a certain issue in your life and are looking for some guidance about which way to go. My role as a spiritual coach is to help you to look within and trust that you already have all the answers you need. It's about understanding how to tap into your intuition and recognize the difference between the same old thought patterns that hold us back in life, as opposed to our inner wisdom which never steers us wrong.

There is no time commitment or specific program you need to choose to have spiritual coaching with me. We can meet for one session and determine what your individual needs are. My rate is the same as for my private yoga sessions: $100/hr. You also have an option to purchase a discounted package of 5 sessions for $450. For more information, please contact me.