Testimonials for "Missy Balsam Kirtan"

"I love it, Missy, really love it. Very sweet, very powerful. Going to listen again on my road trip today. Will blurb something up on The Beat soon. All love!"
- Brenda Patoine, "The Bhakti Beat"

"My dear Missy. Wow! Your new CD is just beautiful! I love that you so daringly featured your vocals without piles of instrumentals to cover it up - that was so brave of you for your debut CD! And your vocals are my absolute favorite part! Your voice is so rich, so pure and heartfelt. You really have a special talent and quality of your voice, and it speaks right to the heart. It is clear you have a great path ahead of you with that incredible voice of yours!! Keep up the great work!!! Sending you big hugs and love!!"
- Ragani

"I listened to your CD on my way home from Amma in Chicago. Great CD! I had to be careful not to close my eyes, it was so lovely."
- Maie Jyoti, Toronto Kirtan Community

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"Your new CD is an eclectic collection of divine devotional joy! You are in the Bhav as you share your heart and your music with listeners! It is a great form of Bhakti yoga to listen to you sing out, and you encourage the listener to respond with their soul! Thank you for bringing this to the community for all to enjoy! The words to “Unconditional Love” and “All I Need” actually bring me to tears! You are a talented songwriter to be able to reach deep down and touch hearts like that!"
- Denise W.

"Missy's CD is out and it’s amazing! What a great way to bring peace and joy into your day. Contact her to get your own copy and get into the Bhav!"
- Karin W.

"Missy, I listened to your CD this morning and, again, I'm struck by how naturally you come by Bhakti and how that shines through in the timbre of your voice. Congratulations on your first CD! What a great way to showcase your natural songwriting talents! I can't get "All I Need" out of my head. What a perfect anthem for all…"
- Emily C.